Your scent is your most important statement accessory.

The mark of a truly sublime outfit is one that indulges our senses. Sight is usually a given, but scent should never be remiss.

Our olfactory wardrobe is of primary importance, exceeding traditional mandatory staples like the oxford shirt or the ballet flat. It is the invisible but multidimensional accessory deserves the utmost attention.

Our scent precedes our visual ensemble and then gives it context, adding further depth to our sartorial narrative—all while inviting (hopefully not repulsing) third parties to indulge their senses in your style story. 

The invasive nature of scent imposes itself on anyone within radius, permeating the air, infiltrating the inhale and exhale of a captive audience. This trait alone marks its importance above all other sartorial elements. A well-rounded personal style is then not something to simply be observed by others, but something to be experienced.

Your fragrance is the setting to any outfit’s story. It is the background within which the outfit’s plot may be told. It is the invisible but statement accessory that rounds out the composition of your ensemble. Scent is the most important cap to a perfect ensemble, adding further depth to the themes your outfit conveys. In the same way you match your accessories to your clothes, fragrance can also mirror your clothing

Whether it is a pleasant perfume or a pungent body odor, a subtle soap or an invasive cologne, your scent is your style’s first and lasting impression. 


Your signature scent is your reputation

Most importantly, a scent can not only round out the essence of an outfit, but also the essence of you. It is the compilation of molecules that make up your aura.

A scent can be sultry, flirty, modest, daring, fun, subtle, earthy mature. It can also be overbearing, suffocating, repugnant, and offputting. It is the primary part of your wardrobe that can make such a lasting impression, feeding your reputation, calling your aura to memory long after you have left the room.




Givaudan perfumer Quentin Bisch created Nomade as a floral chypre composition, including notes of Mirabelle plum, freesia and oak moss. The aim was to make it less floral and more "dirty" than the Chloé Signature. Chloé Signature represents a modern take of the perfume classic - the reinterpretation of the rose, while the new composition deals with the theme of chypre. 


The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart, … and hopefully someone else's.” – Elizabeth Taylor.