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Founded by Pascale Natacha Tania Janssens (aka Bongoma), Royalty Woman is the first Belgian digital luxury magazine highlighting women of color, style and spirit, health and wellness, worldwide luxury lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to read about people of color with success stories or want to learn about living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, beauty, the best places to travel, real estate, business, Royalty Woman has it all for you. Check out our vast range of articles.

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About the Editor

Pascale Natacha Tania Janssens (aka Bongoma), Editor and Designer of Royalty Woman is born and raised in Belgium, Europe. Pascale Natacha  T. Janssens  also lived and studied in the UK and USA and has travelled extensively to the four continents.

She has been blessed to move in the celebrity world with prof basketball players in Belgium, her greatest love and American soulmate Paul A. Atkins for 31 years and host American singers, actors and in the gospel world. Her path continues to meet with visionaries who pave the way forward in society.

Languages: English, Dutch, French, (German: working language), Spanish: learning

Favorite quotes: 'A mind is a terrible thing to waste' 'Comfort is not a luxury, it is a necessity' 'You become what you think about' 'Focus on the big picture' 'Where purpose is lost, abuse is inevitable'