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  • Provide a brief bio about yourself and a history of your brand/company (may include any press releases, media kits, website info, model tear sheet, etc.)
  • Tell us how you (company and/or brand) pay it forward by empowering and inspiring others to be their best.
  • Explain why you feel Royalty Woman readers will want to know about you.
  • Please provide your contact info (email, phone, etc.)
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Model Submission (MUST be at least 18 years of age)

  • Photos must be professional with a high resolution (HQ 1400 pix or HD 1920 pix). Head shots or wide angle shots preferred.
  • You must be the owner of your photos or have permission from the photographer to use the image for any purpose.
  • Photos that are too revealing or nude photos will not be considered.
  • Swimsuit shots are allowed, but must be in good taste.
  • Submit a short bio along with photo.
  • Photo files must be virus free.
  • You will be contacted only if Royalty Woman decides to use your image(s).

Email your feature request and images to with Feature Model on the subject line.

**Please allow Royalty Woman at least 24-48 hours before responding to your request. Royalty Woman will only respond to those individuals, whom Royalty Woman strongly feels will best resonate with the target audience.