Life will throw us curve balls and very unexpected moments from time to time, but those who live lavishly, hold fast to a commitment to not only land on their feet like a feline, but to believe and set as an unwavering expectation, that the outcome WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s amazing how significantly mental resolve can shape our reality. The power of unfaltering determination, starting first with the thoughts we create and maintain, is perhaps the greatest power we have been given to work in partnership with the Divine. It’s the genesis to living a life we love and desire.

As the year 2021 has come to a close, there is tremendous opportunity as with every seasonal change, to reinvent yourself! Just before the calendar shifts, take time to take note of lessons learned, ways you want to GROW, and also ways you want to GLOW! Create a personal goals list, and for fun…a stylish shopping list! Make both a part of your 2022 agenda. Beautifying your life both on the inside, as well as, the outside, make for a dynamic transformation that can give way to wonderful new possibilities! –Too often, we neglect one for the other, but more often then not, we need both to feel whole and complete!

Bouncing back is great! But bouncing back beautifully, is EVERYTHING!!!

The editor.