Self-care is a divine responsibility

If only you could live in a way where self-care was an active part of your life, so you wouldn’t crash and burn every few months or need a vacation from your everyday life. The key to self-care is finding balance and spiritual enhancement.

So how to practice self-care to achieve overall well-being?

  1. ASK YOURSELF: What have I done for my mind today? What have I done for my body today?
    What have I done for my soul today? How have I nourished myself and joy today?
  2. START SMALL. Savor a cup of tea or your favorite meal, listen to your breath for 5 minutes each day, walk barefoot in grass, or take a long warm shower.
  3. FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD FOR YOU. What works for you, may not work for someone else, each life is unique and has its own unique demands, so determine what self-care means to you and how to apply it in your life. However there are just basics, we all know.

No matter WHAT position you occupy or what TITLE you carry or HOW spiritual you are, self-care is a divine responsibility. Tell yourself : NO more excuses! if you have not given yourself the treatment you are so deserving of. It is the only way to thrive in life.

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it is a DIVINE responsibility.

Physical: Skin care routine in the morning and evening, eating healthy, eating regularly, meal prepping, drinking tea, hiking, essential oils for prevention, oil pulling, regular check-ups at my PCP, water, sleeping 8 hours a day, vitamins, weekly self-pamper sessions (face mask, mani/pedi, exfoliating my body), massages, visit a Spa center, wear clothes you like and you are comfortable in.

Mental: positive self-talk, motivational listening, setting goals, inspirational quotes, reading, essential oils, expressing gratitude daily, budgeting your money weekly. It is important to take time to unplug from social media and your cellphone.

Emotional: spending time with family, your spouse, soulmate, children and loved ones, expressing your needs, journaling, f.i. cuddling with your cat or other pet, candles, essential oils, connecting through nature.

Spiritual: daily meditation, prayer, random acts of kindness and love.

Relationships: asserting yourself, having special date nights, communicating, laughing, expressing love and gratitude (through text or doing something nice/thoughtful), massages, connect with your friends.

Fun/creative: being innovative, painting, practicing your guitar, playing your clarinet or piano, listening to music, inviting friends over, having dinner parties, attending concerts, visiting a museum, adventuring, road trips, travel, shopping, cooking, etc.