Why Christianity is important in education

Christianity has a vital role to fulfil in education. It is at the centre of our purpose and philosophy at Esperance Anglican Community School. It provides a strong and secure foundation for our school community. Our shared values bind us together. More than this though, Christianity positively influences a person’s character, guides our actions and behaviour, and maintains healthy wellbeing. All profound lessons for our young students.

Christianity teaches us responsibility, service and encourages us to help others. Our students' undertake community service and voluntary work during their time at school to understand their place in the wider community and their civic duty to society as a whole.

Here’s four reasons why Christianity is important in education and how it enhances a child’s learning experience:

Enhances the wellbeing of students

At the very heart of Christian faith we are taught to love God and our neighbour. This teaches young people to be loving and caring citizens and to show kindness and respect. Shared values help students bond with their peers to create genuine and long-lasting friendships. Our students look out for one another and call on each other for advice. This greatly enhances our students’ wellbeing and sense of belonging within our inclusive and caring environment.

Offers support and guidance

Traditionally pastoral care was provided by members of the Christian church. In today’s society, our teachers extend this care and support. Our students' welfare is our key focus and we strive to identify and meet the unique needs of each individual child. Students are surrounded by a committed and compassionate community that they know they can look to for help. Counselling is offered in a secular manner but also within a Christian setting through our School Chaplain and members of staff. We offer students the opportunity of support and guidance whenever they may need it.

Builds character

Our Christian values inform our students’ character to act in an honest, just and responsible way. We encourage them to realize their God-given talents and seek the highest standards in everything they do. They are taught to act fairly, openly and with integrity within our diverse community to create camaraderie amongst peers. Our Christian values underpin our teaching and aim to build open-minded, compassionate and honorable achievers.

Shapes morals

‘Treat others as you wish to be treated’ is an important Christian moral that we communicate to our students. By teaching students to act by principles and with conviction in the classroom, their personal morals and standards extend beyond the school gates. We lay a solid foundation of a Christian education for children to build upon throughout their school life and their crucial years of growth.

Christianity equips our students with the appropriate lessons and tools to realize their full potential, act responsibly and be honorable individuals who create a harmonious community and future society.

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From the Principal