Invest in yourself !


Setting a budget for yourself is very inportant, but what may be more important that is paying yourself.

Imagine that if every check or income that you received, you took 10% to pay yourself and multiply that by 10 years.  Your bank account alone will probably be in much better condition.  This principle is key and it doesn’t matter if you’re making $50, $500, $5000 or $50.000 a week.  A funny thing about money: it is a magnet.  If you have it, it will grow; if you don’t, it will always seem like it’s an elusive thing that you have to chase and capture.
I recommend that out of every check or income you receive, you pay your tithes and offering (10%+), you pay yourself (10% cash - liquidity is King)), you use 10% in an investment account that way your money can always be multiplying.  Utilize the remainder to pay for your expenses.  When desiring to spend, always consider whether or not you are purchasing an appreciating asset?  Ask yourself, “Is this going to create additional income for me?  Is this something of value?  Do I need this right now?”  Pausing to take these considerations before purchases will help you to make wiser spending choices.
I am a strong proponent for setting financial goals, but also I am also a big advocate of trusting my financial instinct.  Just because I have the money doesn’t mean I need to purchase something at that moment.  I exercise wisdom when it comes to making purchasing decisions so that I am not wasteful in my spending.  Practicing self-control in spending becomes a habit.  Eventually, this habit can lead to a way of life that is no longer difficult to maintain.
The world of money and the adventure of investing is continuously evolving and shifting.