Do you believe your dreams will come true? Dreams Come True

In the world that we live in, it can be overwhelming at times.  So many things happen within the economy and if you're not careful, you can begin to find yourself worrying about money.  That worry, however, is just a distraction from what we need to focus on. The worry gets in the way. Instead, I encourage you to redirect your focus on vision casting.

What are the goals and desires that you have for yourself?  For your family?  For the legacy you are leaving your children to inherit?  If you don’t know what your objectives are, how will you ever know if you are on the path to attaining what you desire?  Below, I’m going to share some of the ways that I actively develop and focus on my vision so that you can begin doing the same.

Develop affirmative statements. 

Utilizing a list of affirmations is an amazing way to start improving your mental clarity and preparing for casting the ideal vision that you have in your mind for your life.  These affirmations need to be positive and believable for you.  List them and post them in a place that you will see them frequently.  Make sure that you not only look at your affirmations, but that you speak them aloud daily with high energy, and write your goals daily.  Speak to your health, wealth, charity, dreams, etc.  Again, the important element is that you believe and feel great about these things coming to pass so that when you speak them, it increases your belief.

Create a visual.

Some of you may have heard folks discuss vision boards before. Be sure to develop a visual representation of your goals. Just like your affirmations, the vision board should be viewed and focused on daily. You should do this with high levels of energy, excited about what is coming. You can place clippings from newspapers, magazines, articles, and the like all together. Become excited about the process of developing this visual, and about the reality that you are forming by focusing on it!

Continue to learn.

Be willing to continuously educate yourself.  Pick up magazines like Forbes and Money; read books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, The Millionaire mindset....  Continue to open your mind to the possibilities of wealth and growth.  Even if you don’t agree with every suggestion or method shared, the fact that you are exposing yourself to new information will pique your mental state to developing new types of ideas.

Begin building your foundation of success today!

Remember, it only takes two things to become wealthy First you must make a decision. Secondly, you must start.

You Deserve It All

Article by Jewel Tankard