10 Feminine Hygiene tips you need to know - View educational video below

Hygiene is very important to health; it is the guide of a healthy life. Hygiene connects to health with many reasons starting from social to health to personal to psychology - a habit to be cultivated from an early age and an add to the good habits.

A person who does not take a bath, would have growing body odour, sweat accumulation, dirt and oil on the skin and the biggest enemy to health - micro organism on the body. These micro-organisms or the remains of the microorganism present on skin surface are harmful, giving a high chance of various and causing illness. Therefore, maintaining good personal hygiene is vital in fighting and preventing illness and is the key to good health.

Some of the health benefits of hygiene are:

- It reduces the risk of infection

- It helps you to stay healthy

- Fight against disease-causing germs and bacterial to enter the body

- It prevents the transmission of germs

- It also helps our body from the skin infection

- Hand washing can avoid the transmission of bacteria from food to your body

- Keeping your house clean and hygiene helps you to stay healthy