Style and Spirituality: How Fashion Ties into Your Spiritual Life

When you think about it, STYLE and SPIRITUALITY have long been somewhat intertwined.

Spirituality is usually associated with things we see as greater than ourselves. It conjures images of a higher power, of enlightened thought, prayer, meditation, our connection to others, our place in the universe or the meaning of life itself.

Fashion, on the other hand, is often something that is associated with materialism. To many, this kind of materialism is in complete conflict with spirituality. There’s certainly a prevailing stereotype that fashion hounds are shallow and superficial.

When compared to each other, there are those would say fashion is mere frivolity-- unnecessary even-- in the greater scheme of life, and that spirituality is certainly the nobler and worthier pursuit. The latter is very true.

But where did we ever get the idea that SPIRITUALITY and STYLE have to be mutually exclusive?


We’ve all seen the make-over shows in which some unsuspecting person is taken by a loved one to be saved by a stylist. Often, it’s a person who vows that style and fashion hold absolutely no interest for them. This same person finds herself (or himself) beaming with pride or blubbering with gratitude by the end of the episode. Some beam and blubber and then beam some more. Why is it that, despite all the ‘looks just aren’t that important to me!’ protests, the target of make-over ambushes are usually singing a different tune after slipping into a great blazer and a great hairdo?

It’s really not that surprising. The more your care about something, the more you take care of it. Being stylish is just one more way of taking care of yourself—of showing care for yourself.

An interesting fact is that one telltale symptom of depression is when a person stops caring about their hygiene and physical appearance. Your outer self is a reflection of your inner self. 

Express Your Spirituality Through Style

You don’t have to go all out and walk around in ritual robes to combine fashion and spirituality. You can simply choose items for your wardrobe that best help express what’s inside of you.

When shopping, think about what meaning certain colors might hold to you in your religion. In Christianity, we think of purple, blue, etc... as royal colors.

Your personal appearance doesn’t necessarily have to conform with any particular ideas about beauty or fashion. But it is still something to which you should pay attention, and allow how you look to be a reflection of how you feel and what you hold sacred. Where the Spirit is the Lord is there is liberty.

 There are some very talented and creative designers in this world but to me - God is the most creative and talented designer. We are just His created masterpiece shining our light bright!