The real reason women like to look sexy

Attention is a double-edged sword.

She might dress sexy for the sole purpose of turning male heads, or she might be wearing it because she likes it, because that’s the kind of style that looks good on her, because she is comfortable in her skin and/or proud of her body, because she spent the week hanging out in cargo pants and hiking boots and wants to feel sensual and womanly. 

She might wear it because she’s defiant and confident enough to want to flaunt her female form instead of feeling inferior just for having one in the first place, because clothes are fun, because she’s experimenting with her identity, because her more demure going-out outfit is at the drycleaner’s, because women get judged and criticized no matter how they look and what they do and what they wear so she just decided to be just her! because she’s in an environment where she feels safe enough or confident enough to be “provocative” (i.e.: she has faith that men are not animals and won’t harass or assault her).
A lot of women spend most of their lives tamping *down* their natural sensuality (how they like to dress, or move, or dance, or talk and laugh with strangers) because they know they’ll be slut-shamed or even physically at risk if they don’t.  In other words, that sensuality still exists even when there’s no man around to respond to it. A lot of men (and a lot of women also) think that it’s okay to disrespect a woman — treat her like less than a human being — just because she’s any degree of sexual. Sometimes she doesn’t even mean or want to seem “sexual”, but like Jessica Rabbit once said, “I’m just drawn that way.”
It’s probably not the fact that you’re looking at her, but *how* you’re looking at her, that offends. Maybe your body language conveys something that you don’t consciously intend.

The difference between desire and objectification: whether you respect the fact that the person you look at can look back.

From a spiritual viewpoint:
Loving your body and taking care of your body is simply a 'must' in a healthy godly way, not in a narcistic way.  A healthy self image is basic for a successful relationship and marriage. 
Your body is the temple that needs sacred care and not for everyone.
However when it is you and your other half, it is advised to keep it spicy! and not deprive each other from the sexual togetherness you are deserving of.
A Godconfident loving wife knows the importance of it. It is the confidence behind that is sexy!
To your success!