How to make your fragrance last longer?

Sweet, sultry, erotic smell is great with dark skin.
Research has shown that Mugler perfume fragrances matches dark skin very well. So does Bulgari, SI (Georgio Armani).

When it comes to selecting a fragrance, choose one that works hard for you. Opt for an eau de parfum rather than the lighter eau de toilette. The former contains a higher concentration of oils that will not only last longer on the skin, but is often a more beautiful strength of the original composition.
A long-lasting fragrance will also need to be base note-heavy.

 “Top notes such as citrus will stay on the skin for 10-15 minutes (they disappear the quickest) whereas base notes can stay up to days on the skin. So if you like heavy, oriental woody fragrances, you won't have an issue with keeping your fragrance all day long. On the contrary, if you like light floral fresh and citrus types of fragrance, a trick would be to layer fragrances on top of each other. For instance, if you own a woody fragrance then you can layer it with your summery fresh fragrances. It will give you the impression that you smell your fragrance all day long.”

Build layers
Molecules in fragrance bind to the oils in your skin when applied, so if you use a body oil or lotion first, then “layer on” your fragrance, it will have a better surface to bind to.
The best time to spray is after a shower or bath. “Well-hydrated skin holds fragrance the best.”

Don’t rub it in
The best way to wear fragrance is on the skin at the pulse points: the wrist, behind the ears, elbows and on the neck. This is where the fragrance will have the most projection due to the fact that the skin warms up here.

Spray and swish
Many people underestimate the power of scent in the hair. An additional tip: “Another black belt move is to spritz fragrance directly onto your hair. Hair carries scent for a really long time. Applying fragrance directly to your hair creates delicious, mysterious wafts that are bound to get you compliments”.
A fine spray on the hair, or on a favorite scarf is “also a perfect way to add to the overall silage of perfume as any perfume will hold well on textiles and hair”.
Before you leave the house, you can also spray some of your perfume in the air and walks through it. “The perfume settles in your hair and subtly on your clothes and that helps a lot!
“Just be careful that you don’t spray too much and from very close distance, as the oil in the perfume can stain. I also recommend for men to spray a bit of perfume in the inner side of their jacket, because through movement you release the scent.”

Keep it cool
It’s important to store your fragrance bottles in a cool, dark place – so preferably not in the bathroom cabinet – as heat and light can destroy the quality of the perfume.
And be careful not to over-spray; you smell your own perfume less than others do because your nose becomes accustomed to it. “The brain adjusts naturally to surrounding smells after a certain time(it's called olfactory fatigue) so while you won't smell it yourself, other people certainly will”.