Using candles for setting & manifestation.

If magic flows where intention goes, then candle magic illuminates that intention and releases it outward into the world. How?

From the day of the week you light it to the direction you apply the oil, all of these actions reflect the intention you’re setting. The smell of the scented candle stimulates the part of your brain which is connected to memory and mood. From boosting energy through to relieving stress or even enhancing mental clarity, the healing properties coming from a lighted scented candle can deliver psychological effects.

On a symbolic level, a candle embodies the five elements: earth, water, air, fire and spirit. The wick and base signify earth and are vital for keeping the flame steady. The wax, which transforms from a solid to a liquid and then to a gas, emulates the transmutational properties of the water element. Oxygen, representative of air, is crucial for both keeping the flame lit and extinguishing it. Then there’s the flame, which is a direct connection to fire—the element of transformation and rebirth. Fire also represents passion and governs our willpower. And lastly, the fifth element, spirit, which is us when we focus our intention into the candle and infuse it with our soul and energy. “The magic starts when you set your intention. Intention is the key to any ritual or magical practice.

The science of relaxation: Why are candles so calming?

Candles are scientifically proven to soothe us. The gentle, mesmerising quality of their light makes them a perfect aid for any relaxation routine.

Melt takes the science of candles one step further though; creating scented candles proven to transform your mood.


Calming candlelight

It’s a candle’s flame that helps to soothe our soul – reducing stress and increasing self-awareness. The soft illumination helps us to calm down and even achieve a meditative state.

But how does a candle flame help to calm us down and relax our minds?

The low light that comes from a candle is captured by your sight and sent straight to your brain for processing. Because of our associations with candlelight, the body begins to relax – helping how we feel emotionally and physically.

Some of the perks of feeling more relaxed include more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity, less pain and a more pleasant personality. 

Soothing scents

scented candle offers additional benefits – reaching yet another one of our senses, smell. We all have our trigger scents; scents that make us feel good and scents that remind us of unpleasant or unhappy times. By choosing a scent we find relaxing, or a scent known for its calming properties, you can enhance your candlelight experience.



Choose the right scented candle for you.

A scented candle is full of comforting, relaxing ingredients like vanilla, jasmine and rose. It provides deep relaxation and comforts the soul with its naturally warming effect.

Switching off with Still

Create your own home spa with the chill out scent of a fragrance that matches you. Featuring lavender, rose and chamomile, it’s the daddy of calming scents. It’s ideal for relieving stress and anxiety and creating an overall sense of calm.

Soothing the soul with a soft and aromatic night time scent, is perfect for winding down with at the end of the night.  Featuring sandalwood, which is known for its calming effects, it helps soothe irritation and lifts depression.

You can also increase your sense of calm by trying one of the following:

  • Lighting up a calming scented candle in the bathroom as you enjoy a warming soak.
  • Popping on your favourite relaxation scent just before bed, winding down with a lovely book.
  • Incorporating candlelight with a relaxed exercise routine such as body stretching.
  • Meditating daily, enhancing your space with candlelight.

If you need a little help winding down, why not try some relaxing bath oils too?


Scented Candles and Food

Scent is one of the most powerful triggers of emotion and memories. Certain smells can evoke strong emotional responses when linked to pleasant memories of comfort foods, locations and life experiences. Scented candles can be used as aromatherapy to relax inhibitions or stimulate passions.

Scented candles should never be used during a meal, as they would certainly interfere or compete with the scents and flavors of food. However, scented candles are perfect for a relaxing massage or soak in the tub and enhancement for a romantic bedroom setting.

Food Scents

Sweet smelling candles can wet an appetite for passion just like any other aphrodisiac. Some of the most romantic food scents include:




Warm sugar



Romance and candles

Last but not least, candles have and always will be associated with romance and there are several scents that will definitely help you set the mood.

Nothing says romance quite like candles. Whether they are being used for an intimate dinner, a relaxing bath or to enhance the atmosphere in a cozy bedroom setting, the soft flickering light of candles creates an ambience that is undeniably romantic.

candles 2 

Romantic Shapes

Romantic candles come in all shapes and sizes. The setting and the way in which the candles are used contributes more to the romantic atmosphere than the shape or size of the candle. However, there are some shapes that stand out such as:

  • Heart shaped candles
  • Rose or flower shaped candles
  • Lip shaped candles
  • Tapir candles
  • Round candles

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