Why it is Important to sleep on a Quality Bed

We spend a good part of our lives sleeping, one-third to be precise. This makes it more than obvious that in order to ensure quality sleep, it is very important to sleep on quality beds to ensure a good quality of life. However, most people tend to ignore this fact and make do with whatever they have.

Getting a good night’s sleep on a Luxury bed can significantly improve your quality of life.

It is very important for the human body to get good sleep in order to perform the day to day functions and go about life. Sleeping on a good quality bed affects more than one aspect of our day to day lives. Below are some of the benefits of sleeping on quality beds that not only improve the quality of life

Better memory

Investing in a good quality bed and mattress can significantly enhance the quality of sleep as compared to sleeping on a poor quality bed. A good night’s sleep has a great impact on our learning and memory.

Many people believe that the brain is inactive when sleeping when actually it is the exact opposite. What happens when one is sleeping is that the brain performs a process known as Consolidation, which basically means transferring all new information and other things that the brain has learned during the day into the more efficient parts of the brain. When one is asleep, one is constantly practicing whatever he or she has learned during the day. One cannot properly acquire new information, consolidate it and also recall it without proper sleep. Proper sleep also helps you to come up with new ideas and concept. This makes it extremely important to get a good quality sleep in order to maintain or enhance one’s memory. If you sleep on a bed on which you spend more hours tossing and turning rather than sleeping, the brain will not be able to process all the new information. Investing in a good quality bed is a one-time expense and will save you a lot of trouble recalling things.


Sleeping on uncomfortable beds often causes one to be grumpy and not able to be as creative as one usually is. Apart from consolidation, one’s brain also reorganizes the 

things learned which in turn leads to more creativity. An average adult needs around 7-8 hours of sleep daily, and just 2 3 days of not getting enough sleep can hamper your creativity.

When your brain is well rested and has the time to process all the information, it leads to better creativity. 

Weight control

Sleeping well can surprisingly help in maintaining your weight. If you sleep in an uncomfortable bed, you will spend most of your time tossing and  turning, which means that you do not get the required good quality sleep. This means that you will be tired and less likely to go for your regular workout or cook a healthy meal. Another way which poor quality sleep tends to make you fatter is the lack of the hormone Leptin. When you don’t get enough sleep, this hormone is not released in the body in adequate quantities which makes you hungrier and craves fatty foods. This means your calorie intake will increase. Those who sleep better have a lower calorie intake. 

Keep your health in check

Sleep deprivation is a major contributor towards various health issues. These diseases range from chronic diseases to heart issues. It also affects the blood pressure and reduces insulin level, thereby increasing the risk of diabetes. Not getting adequate sleep also affects the immune system which very frequently leads to cold. Another major health issue caused by lack of good sleep is depression. Getting inadequate hours of sleep is a major contributor towards depression. If you want to keep these diseases and the risks associated with them at the bay, then it is very important to get good quality sleep. 

Sleeping well increases the overall happiness and thereby also improves your health

Sleeping well can have a lot of heavy impact on our lives. A quality bed is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of sleep. Today a wide variety of beds and mattresses are available, from physiopedic to pocket spring to beds that help with posture, to choose from. Though it might seem like a big expense, nothing is more important than one’s health and well-being. It is a smart decision to invest in a good quality bed one time, rather than having to change beds every now and then and spending money on all the doctor visits that sleeping on a poor quality bed will cost you.